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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beaute Et La Mode

Dear bloggie, so sorry to dump you for more than one month. I promise this is going to be the first and the last time okay? U know I was such a dedicated blogger...tee hee.

First first, Imma update bout prom! Yes, sorry I am late for a week. Cause' I just got all the high res photo from Esther so imma going to upload them now! :D

*After two days of uploading*

LIKE FINALLY! =.= Sue Streamyx for the slow service weih!

Anyway, here I present you: HMC Annual Ball 2010 -  
Beaute Et La Mode

I will let the pic do the talking kay? LIKE DUH~~~ Or else what's the point of uploading???

So camwhore starts before the event (like usual)
Vania, Ben, Yen Lio, Alex & Waisin

Wai Sin & Alex

Wai Yee, Shaun, Cynthia & Jieying

Ben, Alex, Esther, Yen Lio & Hanhan

Esther's camera VS Kai Boon's camera!

Oh oh oh!!! I so have to tell you weih! this is Esther Teng Yuen Yun's FIRST TIME EVER wearing DRESS & HEELS!

The couple Eugene & Jess. Lou gong lou cai like that.

But according to Jess, this is what Eugene does when she's not around...ngao Mandy's Dex...

Me and Wen Yi. She's my prom date. :D

Reuben & Wai Meng. You see. tall people is like that one la. Lucky I never stand beside them.

Dex & Mandy <3
While we were camwhoring, everyone starts looking at a particular direction. "Eh eh, who's Mr. Alex with ar? Why not Ms. Winnie one?" Then keep looking ---- MEMANG LA MS. WINNIE! Tapi woah! Brand new look. And damn pretty leh! So I cepat cepat go get the first hand evidence:
Ms. Winnie &Mr. Alex!
And summore Ms. Winnie so shy shy hide behind Mr. Alex at first. lol. First time see her shy shy leh! XD But still able to get her for this photo. :P

Then next up: CAMWHORE SESSION 2. LOL.

Ben, Ys, Wynne, Shun Zhi

Group photo - Tag yourself pls. Oops...This is not facebook. XD

So after much camwhores, finally time to change the background: We moved into the ballroom (at last) and continue camwhoring. *Well can't blame us. VIPs were late. This was to kill boredom*
Grace, Wai Keong & Ainaa

Lai Yee & Wen Yi.

Oh just to tell you that, our table is called the "Yee/Yi" table. We have WaiYee, LaiYee, GraceYee, and WenYi. LOL.

According to Reuben...he injured his knee for kneeling down for his pic. Not my fault tho...LOL

Me and Alex

Ben! :D

The lenglui lecturers: Ms. Winnie, Ms. Renee, Ms. Lim, Ms. Yu and Ms. Aida

Too many scandals that night. GAY SCANDALs. After Eugene & Dex, here comes Nick & Ben.
Tsk tsk Ben! I am gonna tell Vania! XD

Me and Ms. Lim. You know what? Her husband say got one "sei ngan zai" hug her. He say he sit sai jor.=.=" blame wai yee la. Dunno za gei. Haven 1 2 3 take dy. My hand at first wan to do V one lo. Somemore take until i so yongsui. =.="

See who's behind...kekeke

Candy & SezKien. The prettiest & lengzaiest couple dy la.

See! We camwhore so much. Now finally event starting. LOL. First is a fashion show. (Well, since our theme is Beauty and Fashion)

Grabbed this from Esther. That's Ms. Annie. My Intermediate Eng. lecturer. :)

And Ms. Selena. My study skill lecturer from first sem. *wink wink*

Klex & his Chen Zhen pose.

Ok lemme flash back to 1 or 2 days before prom. Here's a convo between me, Dex, Esther and Xiau
Dex: Eh, Esther, on the prom day ar, u gonna tell u all dun have my flower. Cause' not enough stock. Then I gonna complain why never tell me. Then u all say oso dunno why not enough stock. Kay Kay?
Me: Oo...Why need to do so much drama?
Dex: My Mandy not stupid one ma, she sure know I will give her flower one lo. I want to give her surprise ma
Me: But macam very fake lo. Order so much sure got so much one ma. Where got no stock one. U should do like this. Esther gonna tell u, u order too late, not enough time get stock. Like this baru real ma. 
Dex: Kay kay lets rehearse

Esther: OKAY OKAY! I am a good actor! :D
Xiau: Dex...your (smiles smiles) flower...
Dex: Eh how can smile one! You mana boleh smile when u dun have stock for customer one!?
Xiau: (swt) ok lets try again. Dex...haha cannot la, I sure laugh on that day one
Esther: U diam diam okay? I do on that day! :D I am a pro actor weih!
Dex: kay. Then I gonna act emo. Eh where's toilet? Inside or outside?
Xiau: DUH! Of course outside! Or else how u want? A cubicle in the middle of the dance floor izit?
Dex: Kay. That day I gonna act emo. I emo that time damn scary one. Mandy dun dare to ask me a lot things one. So wun so easy get her git chuen. Then I say I go toilet. Then go outside take. You all put the flower under the registration table ar. Then I go get. ^^

Then on that day:
Dex: Eh Kai Boon, later I get the flower, u help me take photo kay kay?

So this is how the photo below comes:
A surprise from Dex to Mandy!

Shot1: Ban yeng

Shot 2: closer, closer, closer....

Shot 3: Lougong loupo laogao

Shot4: Lougong da loupo
Haiyo, see! Macam couple like that. ngiek ngiek ngiek. XD

And next is the photo that creates a huge uproar on facebook. Which I dunno why oso. =.="
Ys & Wynne

Shun Zhi got the grand prize for lucky draw! A RM1888 robot vacuum cleaner. 8D

Then somewhere here, the prom king and queen nominees have to go out and dance! :D
Prom King nominees: Max Ong Ming Yi, Justin Lee, Sam Lim
Prom Queen nominees: Esther Teng, Ong Xiau PoWei, Vania Quah
The highlight weih! We all wanna vote Esther cause' want to see her dance in her HEELS! First time wear heels then have to dance. LOL. kesiannya~~~Damn funny weih her dance.

And Saudari Ong, ur dance fail la! Dun say dunno how to dance, just go shake ur butt more ma. LOL U go up there macam duck shivering "pro dancer". LOL. jk.

So after all the work leh, ouor organizer Ms. Xiau Xiau finally got free time to take photo with us dy.
Wen Yi & Xiau Wei

Reuben, John & Jason

Shun Zhi, Xiau & Ys. I purposely wanna upload this photo. See Ys' face! Bengkak dy!
Haha. Cause' he say he was chewing something. =.=" take photo still not seng muk stop chewing and take. LOL.

Xiau, Ms. Winnie & mua! :)

Group photo! Reminds me of Sem 1 Computing Principles. Nice memories. =D

Jason me and Ben!

The lengzais & Ms Winnie & The Mafia Boss - Mr. Alex. XD

Me and Wai Sin. She whole night so busy. Busy with erhem....XD

Scandal3: Alex & me. O.o

Scandal 4: Alex & Mandy. Do beside Mandy somemore.

See! Mandy so kesian...

Scandal 5: Me and Dex. Sorry Mandy. Although u are kesian, but I still want ur Dex. XD

Me, Lai Yee, Mr.Joel & Esther! :)

Me & Soo Mei

Me, Klex & Alex.

Klex wants to whack me. X/

Difference in height. O.o Eh I not so short one kay! I squat down a bit dy.

Me & YipYip

Hanhan! :)

YipYip! LOL

Crow & Chicken

The winner of Best Dress, Best Couple, Prom King & Prom Queen!
Best Dress: Duno who are them. lols
Best Couple: Dex & Mandy :D
Prom King: Max Ong Ming Yi :D
Prom Queen: Vania Quah :D

Serious la, Dex & Mandy damn cute couple one la. U got see couple call each other sohai and idiot or not one? Go see their facebook wall. LOL.

Manage to get this shot. :D

Prom Queen & King

Group pic! :)

Hanhan, Ms. Selena, Xiau & Reuben

Me, Jason & Ben again. :)

Me, Wai Meng & Rachel.

Finally finish prom. Phew. :D Next up: SASA Awards Ceremony

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