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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gundam SEED Destiny - A word of thought

Suddenly people around me are all following SEED/Destiny now. And I succumbed to peer pressure. XD And I rewatched the whole series in a day. around...6 hours i guess. yes la, I skipped a lot of parts, cause' I watched so many times until I can memorize the story dy. But why rewatch? Just for the actions la. XD

And actually, this is like the best series of Gundam I have ever watched. It really requires you to think and analyse the situation. Or else you will definitely be confused - what's going on. The fact is, GDS and GSD series have been much debated - Are the actions of the Clyne factions the just one? Is Patrick Zala or Gilbert Durandal a better PLANT chairman and stuff. (Even got childish ones like is Kira stronger or Shinn stronger) And actually, the director himself says that Kira and Lacus strayed from the path of justice, and that the world/ideal that Gilbert talks about is where real justice falls.

Last time I really don't get how on Earth is Gilbert right. But now, watching GSD in 1 day, I recall the whole dialogue from 1st episode to last episode. At first, EAF started the war by stealing Chaos Gaia & Abyss. Fault is on EAF's side. Next is the incident of Junius Seven. Although some remnants of Zala's followers caused the incident, EAF pointed that Coordinators are the one who are responsible, thus PLANT took the hit. Although Gilbert insist of solving the problem diplomatically, EAF's request are too over: Send over rescue teams, supplies, and dissolving the military...some bullshits I forgot la. So still, EAF are a bit over. So far until now, PLANT seemed to be fighting to defend themselves.

After Orb was forced to join EAF, Minerva who just left Orb's shore got hit by EAF, and Orb immediately reject Minerva from reentering its sea territory. So, ZAFT is still the pity innocent one. This is why even Athrun felt that he should help PLANT, because he is helping the victim, to help to end the war. However, Gilbert secretly plotted the death of Lacus: so that his Lacus (Meer) can influence the people to follow him blindly: ultimately making him the king of the world. As the plot goes, Gilbert claimed that neither the Coordinator nor the Naturals are wrong, its the weaponary merchant: Logos that is the one who started the war. Without war, they cannot have business, and therefore, they are at fault fro invoking the war. And all the sudden he aimed his army at Logos. But before he even started to attack Logos, he ordered to have Archangel sunked. Reason being: Archangel and Freedom will obstruct his plan.

Djibril then fired Requiem at PLANT, succesfully destroyed Januarius and December (Although he aimed for PLANT's capital Aprillius). This gives Gilbert the more reason to attack Logos. Although it seemed that he wanted to destroy Logos' Requiem so that it will not further harm PLANT, the fact is, he used it for himself. When Djibril is at the moment of death, Gilbert says "sayonara, soshite arigatou" (Goodbye, and thank you *for the Requiem*) That is his ultimate motive: to get Requiem. And when he proposed his "Destiny Plan", which allows people to live freely in a world that they have all the right to choose and some bullshit I forgot, he used the repaired Requiem to get rid of countries that opposes him, but claimed that "They are against the freedom of human, they are enemy of human" or something like that.

My point here is, although Destiny Plan may be for the benefit for more, I do not think Gilbert can morally justify his actions. He actually "forced" people to follow his plan. Maybe hsi action do fulfill utilitarianism: which he brings greater good for greater number of people, but his actions cannot be morally justified: kill anyone who obstructs him, and leaving those people with no freedom of choice. And yet he still says the world he creates will be full of happiness where people have the freedom of choice.

The director says that Gilbert walks the path of justice, because justice principles follows utilitarianism. Kira and Lacus strayed from the path of justice, because they fight for human right. Although their actions may not end the war which might cause more suffering, but the suffering are uncertain: Freedom and Archangel are giving their best effort, in hope to avoid these conflicts with their strength. But Gilbert action, to destroy Scandinavia and Orb using Requiem definitely kills, even the innocent civillian. He claimed that Logos who used that is a monster, and he justified his action to use Requiem as a "need to create a better world" And for that to be just, illogical.

When a war happens, both sides are wrong: One side for launching the attack, and one side who fights back. Just like in our lives. Keep your coolness when you are insulted. If you fight back, you just downgraded yourself to the level of the insulter. Keeping quiet or taking attack is not weak, and in fact, I find people who can swallow insults the strongest.

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