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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

2010 has been a peaceful year for me, but somehow a boring one. It seems like I need dramas to make my life excited *shivers* (Oh yes people, I am such an ironic guy, I just complained how much I hate dramas but yet I want a drama now, eh wait, I had one! The one with my college "best friend" in the first sem! Some of you might know haha)

Foundation in HELP was officially done, but with a little bit of regret. One freaking Distinction. Apalah ni. Such a waste lo. But dear, please learn to appreciate and be grateful for what you have. And yes, I should do that and stop complaining.

One thing that I regret for 2010 - I sorta became a lone wolf. Busy busy and busy. I seem to have tonnes of friends, but hard to find one that truly knows me. Serious lo, I bet none of you here knows what underwear I wear. LOLX.

Ok cut the crap. To be honest, my year isn't really a fruitful year. I mean, I didn't learn much things in life (not that I could think of right now). I only learnt how to avoid dramas. It would probably be better if I face the dramas head on rather than trying to prevent them from happening. I mean, people learnt through the storms right?

But it was still a nice thing to know friends like XiauWei, WaiSin, WenYi, Vania, Ben & Jason - The first sem gang. and Esther (forgot how I know you dy lol). And the bunch of crazy guys like Klex, Max, Ivan, Dex (& his loupo Mandy), Alex, Saiful, Nick, Daniel the crazy ones, and then Kaiser WaiYee LaiYee MinYeen, the sampat ppl.

One thing is, I have too many lovers around me dy. Lemme count how many times have I get married ar...I got married with Sui Lun last year, and this year started with Bing Soon and Yi Shiuan, then got new darlings like Zhen Nam, Wai Yee and Dex (oops sorry Mandy). And funniest thing is, I dont forgot how we are together. O.O (sam fa fa de ppl is like that one la, oops)

It was a bloody peaceful night year. *oops play mafia meh* Hope next year can be a meaningful roller coaster year filled with GOOD dramas! xP Bye bye 2010!

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